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Rotem Kashani

Born and live in Israel, Rotem Kashani is a young and promising fashion designer, started her B.Ed Fashion Design Degree and Teaching Certificate in the most prominent professional and academic institution in Israel's northern region for higher education in art ,WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education. During her studies in the institution,  Rotem emphasized her creativity, technical skills, as well as innovation and personal touch. As part of her studies, Rotem also learnt the updated and most professional management tools of fashion Industry.

After two years studying in the WIZO institution, and due to Rotem's desire to enrich her skills and knowledge in the Industrial Design domain, Rotem decided to continue and graduate her degree in the Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and Art. in the latter, Rotem studies for her B.Ed. and a Teaching Certificate, in the department of design in the multi-disciplinary program while she specialized in fashion and accessory design, as well as, studied variety of skills, techniques and knowledge related to industrial design.

As part of Rotem's dedication to get-it-right and due to her personal commitment  for social activities, Rotem also served, during her studies in the Kibbutzim College, as the head of the students association in the College's campus of art.

"For years I dreamed of a place of my own, to fulfill myself, my fantasies"

After years in her private studio in Ra'anana, in December 2016 Rotem opened her boutique salon in Netanya.

An intimate place. With a personal attitude. Creating wedding and evening dresses in a personal design and process.

"It's not a secret that visibility affects us, my goal Is that to make every women feel perfect loving and strong".

In her works, Rotem knows how to combine between soft touch, variety of accessories and fabrics and unique dressmaking patterns.


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